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A Fresh Voice On The Block – Megha Bhardwaj

A young and sweet Rajasthani girl, you must know Megha Bhardwaj from Indian Idol, a young and sweet Rajasthani girl. Hailing from Jaipur, she is a talented singer and songwriter who now resides in Mumbai. Megha was inclined to music from the beginning and found her love for singing at six. Since then, she has immersed herself in music and given it all her time. She left no stone unturned, from reciting poems to singing songs to participating in music contests.

Her love and passion for singing are admirable, as she opted for studies related to music as well. She holds a Master’s degree in Performing Arts from the University of Rajasthan, which she completed in 2011. Additionally, the musical singer was bestowed with the Golden Voice of Rajasthan title. This is just a tiny accolade for the talented singer who continues to give a series of hits.

Besides singing various Bollywood songs, the fine singer also lends her beautiful voice to different devotional songs, advertisements, and jingles. One can also find the singer on YouTube and the covers of various popular songs in her sweet voice.

Megha has also shared the spotlight with music legends, including Udit Narayan and Anup Jalota. The singer is known to be quite confident. Some of the best cover the singer posted on her YouTube channel include Meri Jaan from Gangubai Kathiawadi, and Jiyein Kyun, among others. Her soothing voice can calm any heart and is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

As mentioned above, the singer leaves no stone unturned when climbing the ladder of success as she does not like sticking to a specific genre. You will find her melodious voice in various Bollywood and devotional songs. All in all, she is here to stay and has bags of character in her tone.

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Megha Bhardwaj’s journey from the Golden Voice of Rajasthan to the Voice of India

One of the youngest singers of India who has been making a mark in Bollywood for a long time now, Megha Bhardwaj is no stranger to immense popularity and an even larger fan base. Her take on the popular Bollywood music with her classically trained voice has been wooing her fans and followers since her initial days on television. Not only in the melodies and contemporary music, but she also proved her mettle in other genres during the Indian Idol 4 finals, 2008. Her version of the famous Bollywood song “Raatan Lambiyaan” has been a huge hit and a favorite among listeners across ages.

Megha Bhardwaj has been instrumental in portraying Rajasthan as one of the top music-producing states while staying connected to her roots in Jaipur with her music. During her initial days in 2006, she was awarded the “Golden Voice of Rajasthan” for her industry-leading performances. Then to further pursue her music career in Bollywood, she moved from Jaipur to Mumbai. Since then, her covers of contemporary Bollywood songs, as well as her original music and soundtracks, have been giving her followers surreal experiences in music. Due to her versatile voice, her songs in other genres like devotional music have been well received by listeners throughout the world. She had successful collaborations with leading musicians like Anup Jalota and Udit Narayan, which further shot her in the limelight.


Her songs have been a huge hit on Youtube with covers like “Meri Jaan” from “Gangubai Kathiawadi” being one of the most famous in 2022. She has also been the recipient of the Jaipur Shiromani Award for her contribution to the music industry. Due to the versatility of her voice, she doesn’t restrict herself to any particular genre and rather explores multiple genres like R&B, EDM, and Jazz among others. She has also lent her voice to multiple advertisements, leading brands, and Voice overs. Follow her music in the leading music portals like Gaana, JioSaavn, and Apple Music, where she has numerous cover as well as original songs with several leading music directors.

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About Megha Bhardwaj

Who runs the world?—Girls!

The sensational voice in the world of the musical la la land, Megha Bhardwaj, is a Jaipur based Indian playback singer and Songwriter. Her album cover might give the impression that She is on an amazing streak. Well! There is no doubt about that.

All that Jazz with Megha Bhardwaj

A versatile and prolific singer, Megha Bhardwaj started performing very early and has never looked back since then. As the actress, Ms Sonali Bendre quoted: “An extrovert and bubbly personality”, Megha Bhardwaj was an iconic performer in season 4 of Indian Idol in 2008. She made a mark and shone brightly among the top finalists.


Let the music speak

In the words of Singer Kailash Kher, “she has a splendidly unique voice”. It is no surprise that she was awarded the Golden voice of Rajasthan in 2006, as it is hard to resist the gauzy veil of tranquillity that surrounds her. Not only has she given soulful covers in her voice for top hit busters in various ranges but have written multiple melodies. Her voice is one-of-a-kind, and she marks one of the most loved contemporaries on Youtube. Her charm is not limited to exceptionally beautiful covers, and she has mesmerized globally with varied Event performances. She personifies the music herself and has been awarded the ‘Jaipur Shiromani Award’ for her brilliant musical talent and unprecedented keen knowledge. The essence and excellence of her work constitute holistic musical proficiency. There is not a single composition that can’t be found in her heartfelt voice. She believes in leaving an unparalleled impression on her musical journey.

Hear it. See it & Live it.

Watch the enthralling aura of Megha Bhardwaj on Youtube, where she has crossed more than 2,894,767 views or stream her melodies on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud or wherever you step into the musical world.



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