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Megha Bhardwaj is a multi-talent singer, songwriter and composer born in India to a humble family in Rajasthan. She is the pride of the state and also a Golden Voice winner. Megha Bhardwaj was a finalist on Indian Idol 4 and was recognised from the stage by big music producers in the music industry. She is a young and gifted singer and composer, as demonstrated by her in several occasions. She has unquestionably maintained the reputation of the state in which she was born and raised, a state that is likewise renowned for its rich musical legacy. Numerous musical icons who hail from various Rajasthani gharanas have represented the nation internationally.

Versatility in work

While Megha began with exclusively Hindi songs, her passion for music has shown her versatility. Her musical tastes are not limited, and she enjoys experimenting with R&B, Neo-soul, pop, EDM, jazz, and other genres. She has sung songs from bhakti geet and Bollywood songs to hip-hop and pop music. Megha Bhardwaj’s beautiful voice is conquering Bhajan to Bollywood.

Legends of the Musician

Megha Bhardwaj’s love of singing dates back to her youth. In reality, she began her profession at the tender age of six, reciting poems on Akash Vani. She began singing the national anthem Vande Mataram at Bharat Vikas Parishad when she was eight.

In fact, by the age of eleven, she had already mastered the art of bhajan singing. With her lovely voice, she was already singing film songs as part of a chorus by age 15 or 16.

Range of music

She has a sweet voice that sounds like honey dripping from a sacred place. Her songs have mesmerised people of all ages. The country adores beautiful music, and an incredible contemporary voice like Megha Bhardwaj’s is just what we need to unwind after a long day.

Megha was trending again for her cover of Raatan Lambiyaan and her original background score of Meri Jaan from Gangubai. She is famous for songs like Jaan Nisaar, Raataan Lambiyan, Dil ko karaar aya, Meri Jaan, Kaun Hoyega, Achyutam Keshavam Bhajan, Jiyein Kyun and Chaand Baaliyan.

While the public already loves her versions of the lovely Dil Ko Karaar Aaya, she also displays her worth with a bhajan like Achyutam Keshavam. She has won hearts all over the country with her recent cover of Gangubai’s Meri Jaan.

Megha has collaborated with several well-known businesses and music directors over the years. She has also provided her voice for several commercials, jingles, Bollywood covers, voiceovers, and other projects.