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Megha Bhardwaj
Megha Bhardwaj

Megha Bhardwaj, a sensible young woman raised in a modest background, rose to fame in the music industry. She didn’t suddenly become famous; it took her several years before she rose to prominence in the field. Her life did not always go as planned. After enduring various difficult times, she finally achieved success in the field by working consistently hard. Despite this, she is quite modest and still exhibits her down to earth personality. She had faith in herself and her efforts, and those proved to be her greatest assets along the voyage.

Milestones in her career

She began by singing bhajans at the age of 11, speaking poetry at Akash Vani, and making her first professional impact in 2008 on Indian Idol. Like her father, she was a real intellectual who thought that music was her calling. She described the incident as “surreal and life-changing.” She has a wide range of songs on her YouTube channel, including hit songs and hymns.

Early recognition

Rahein na Rahein Hum, the first song she sang with her deep voice in honour of the late Lata Mangeshkar Ji, is a gushy veil of sentiments. The song has received over one lakh views and is highly praised. Additionally, she has performed renditions of some of Bollywood’s most well-known songs, like Chitta, Dil ko Karaar Aaya, Jaan Nisar, and Maine Dil Se Kaha, showcasing her flawless range and artistic passion. In addition to her brilliant career, she is known for two beautiful devotional songs: Shiv Kailasho ke Vasi and Achyutam Keshavam.

Rise to fame

Megha Bhardwaj’s most famously praised musical industry songs, Raatan Lambiyan (Shershaah), Jab Saiyaan, and Meri Jaan (Gangubai kathiawadi), have amassed over six lakh views combined. She has produced covers of Jiyein Kyun (unplugged) and Piya tose naina laage re in partnership with Shomu Seal, which are merely mood-lifters and ear-soothing aids. Furthermore, Megha Bhardwaj added a dash of originality to these upbeat songs, which is why Chaand Baliyaan and Kaun Hoyega have taken Instagram by storm.

Megha’s social presence

She is a well-liked and respected genius only as a result of her genuine determination and noble enthusiasm. Her energising voice not only calms the atmosphere, but also adorns the current musical landscape. She believes in working for her dreams and like to challenge her. Megha has a tremendous following on youtube, spotify, facebook, instagram and twitter. She is always sharing her insights and notifies about her ork on her social media handles.