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Megha Bhardwaj – The Euphony of Music

Born on 18th Dec 1990, Megha Bhardwaj hails from the pink city (Jaipur), Rajasthan. The only child of a Government doctor, Mr. Dinesh Chandra Sharma, and homemaker Mrs. Usha Gour, Megha did her schooling in Jaipur’s Adarsh Vidyamandir and Mother memorial. She completed her graduation in Music from Maharajas College and acquired her master’s from Rajasthan university. Apart from being a euphonious singer, Megha was a state-level hockey player from 2003-07.

She participated in several RSS activities and was a formula one car racer in 2016. Megha began her career by performing poems in akashavani when she was six. At the age of 11, She ventured into singing Bhajans. But Megha’s career went a breakthrough when she was 15-16 by singing film songs and chorus. In 2006, Megha Bhardwaj was awarded the Golden voice of Rajasthan. Further, in 2008 she became one of the top 10 finalists of Indian Idol season 4.

Even while Megha was into other lifestyle activities, Music was always her passion. From devotional songs to cover songs of Bollywood movies, she has sung various songs in the ten years of her career. Currently, Megha Bharadwaj resides in Mumbai. She is a versatile singer who has sung many songs on stage. Further, she was not afraid of sharing the stage with legendary singers like Anup jalota and Udit Narayan. Moreover, with her dedication and hard work, Megha proved that she is very confident in her abilities and aims to create a big mark in the Music Industry.

Her versatility in singing and euphonious voice gave her the recognition of the Jaipur Shiromani Award from Mr. Ashok Lahoti, MLA belonging to the Rajasthan Government. Megha Bhardwaj has her own official Youtube channel where she uploads her latest songs—further winning the hearts of the Online Music audiences in India. Her latest hit song uploaded on her Youtube channel has become a huge hit and invited much appreciation from music lovers around the globe is 2022’s superhit movie Gangubai Kathiawadi’s Meri Jaan.

Besides classical and spiritual Music, Megha also focuses on contemporary Music like RnB, Neo-soul, Jazz, and EDM. Moreover, she has also proved her talent in all the areas of Music, like singing jingles, advertisements, and voiceovers. Further, her mesmerizing voice has touched the hearts of millions of music lovers in India. Most of all, Megha’s passion for music is evident in her works.


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Megha Bhardwaj – A Music Prodigy

Megha Bhardwaj
Megha Bhardwaj

Megha Bhardwaj – A Music Prodigy was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan-Megha Bhardwaj. She is a multi-talented superstar singer and an amazing human. The 32-year-old is a trending singer these days, and her music has made blockbusters. Her songs are repeatedly sung and performed at various events, especially weddings. She was noticed for her potential very early in her career. Megha Bhardwaj’s alluring voice has spellbound everyone in the nation on the “Meri Jaan” and “Raatan Lambiyaan” album covers. After releasing her most recent tracks, she has undeniably become popular in all music rankings.

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Megha Bhardwaj Singer

Megha Bhardwaj
Megha Bhardwaj

Megha Bhardwaj, a sensible young woman raised in a modest background, rose to fame in the music industry. She didn’t suddenly become famous; it took her several years before she rose to prominence in the field. Her life did not always go as planned. After enduring various difficult times, she finally achieved success in the field by working consistently hard. Despite this, she is quite modest and still exhibits her down to earth personality. She had faith in herself and her efforts, and those proved to be her greatest assets along the voyage.

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Megha Bhardwaj: The queen of versatility

Megha Bhardwaj is a multi-talent singer, songwriter and composer born in India to a humble family in Rajasthan. She is the pride of the state and also a Golden Voice winner. Megha Bhardwaj was a finalist on Indian Idol 4 and was recognised from the stage by big music producers in the music industry. She is a young and gifted singer and composer, as demonstrated by her in several occasions. She has unquestionably maintained the reputation of the state in which she was born and raised, a state that is likewise renowned for its rich musical legacy. Numerous musical icons who hail from various Rajasthani gharanas have represented the nation internationally. Read More

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Megha Bhardwaj taking the music industry by the storm

Megha Bhardwaj, who was born and raised in the Pink City of Jaipur, Rajasthan, was a remarkable child with amazing musical skill .She was unknown to the rest of the world until she made her debut in the music industry. The young talent was born on December 18th, 1990. Her parents, Mr. Dinesh Chandra Sharma, a government doctor, and Mrs. Usha Gour, a housewife, are true symbols of strength and a major cause for her achievement thus far. She earned her education at a number of Jaipur institutions, including Adarsh Vidyamandir (AVM) and Mother Memorial School. Read More

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Incredible things about Megha’s music

The greatest artists don’t just paint. The greatest musicians don’t just sing. They produce masterpieces that capture your imagination. They use the power of creativity to speak to your soul in a language it understands. That is why you are drawn to particular musicians. That is why many people are drawn to Megha Bhardwaj. Today we hope to share three amazing things about Megha’s music. These are some of the things that draw people to her music.

Music that will heal your soul

Have you ever switched on the radio and heard a song that changed your mood completely? That is the power of music; it can bless or curse. When you are depressed, you want to listen to something that will soothe your soul and calm your mind. Megha’s music has the power to bring positivity and peace to troubled minds. When you feel lonely, turn on “Manne Ya Na Manne,” a song that’ll surely give you comfort.  Just relax and let it play uninterrupted in the background. After a couple of minutes, you’ll feel different.

Awaken your soul and uplift your spirit

Are you at a point where you search for meaning in vain? You are not alone; so many people worldwide struggle with feelings of spiritual emptiness daily. You don’t have to go to a secluded cave to get spiritually awakened. Sometimes you may only need to tune on your favorite Megha’s cover songs. When you shut out everything and tune on a piece of soulful music, it can transport your mind and soul to places only mystics reach. This is what endears many spiritualists to her songs.

Connect with loved ones from a distance

Great music has the power to connect people outside of concert auditoriums. There may come a time when a friend needs comfort, but you are not in a position to be with them physically. This is the right time to send them a song you are sure will soothe their soul. Megha’s songs will not disappoint in this regard.

Music for both young and old souls

Megha Bhardwaj’s music career started when she was still young. However, over the years, she has successfully transformed into a professional music icon followed by fans of different ages. Not many artists and musicians have to ability to make such smooth transitions.

Final thoughts

You don’t simply listen to Megha’s music because other people are listening. Her music speaks to you in a way others don’t.

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A Fresh Voice On The Block – Megha Bhardwaj

A young and sweet Rajasthani girl, you must know Megha Bhardwaj from Indian Idol, a young and sweet Rajasthani girl. Hailing from Jaipur, she is a talented singer and songwriter who now resides in Mumbai. Megha was inclined to music from the beginning and found her love for singing at six. Since then, she has immersed herself in music and given it all her time. She left no stone unturned, from reciting poems to singing songs to participating in music contests.

Her love and passion for singing are admirable, as she opted for studies related to music as well. She holds a Master’s degree in Performing Arts from the University of Rajasthan, which she completed in 2011. Additionally, the musical singer was bestowed with the Golden Voice of Rajasthan title. This is just a tiny accolade for the talented singer who continues to give a series of hits.

Besides singing various Bollywood songs, the fine singer also lends her beautiful voice to different devotional songs, advertisements, and jingles. One can also find the singer on YouTube and the covers of various popular songs in her sweet voice.

Megha has also shared the spotlight with music legends, including Udit Narayan and Anup Jalota. The singer is known to be quite confident. Some of the best cover the singer posted on her YouTube channel include Meri Jaan from Gangubai Kathiawadi, and Jiyein Kyun, among others. Her soothing voice can calm any heart and is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

As mentioned above, the singer leaves no stone unturned when climbing the ladder of success as she does not like sticking to a specific genre. You will find her melodious voice in various Bollywood and devotional songs. All in all, she is here to stay and has bags of character in her tone.

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The singing sensation and a commendable personality, Megha Bhardwaj

One of India’s famous playback singers, Megha Bhardwaj, started practicing singing at a very young age. In 2006, she won the Golden Voice of Rajasthan. She also made it to the 2008 Indian Idol finals.

Megha Bhardwaj has numerous songs on YouTube, counting Kaun Hoyega, Meri Jaan, Dil Ko Karaar Aya, and many more.  The song Rataan Lambiyaan from the movie “Shershaah” is also on the list. Most of her songs are available on Spotify, Apple music, Gaana, Wynk and JioSaavn.

Many local and national newspapers mentioned her name and made her popular.

Early Career

Megha’s career began when she used to sing poems in Akashvani (All India Radio). After a few years, she began singing Vande Mataram at Bharat Vikas Parishad. She was only eight years old at that time. As soon as reamed the age of 11, she began reciting Bhajans.

The actual career of Megha began as she started singing Bollywood songs and reprises. At this time, she was around 15 to 16 years of age.

Birthplace and Family

Megha was born on December 18, 1990, in the city of Jaipur. Her mother’s name is Mrs. Usha Gour, and her father’s name is Mr. Dinesh Chandra. By profession, her father is a government doctor, and her mother is a housewife.

Adarsh Vidyamandir, Mother Memorial, and Maharaja College are the institutes wherein she studied. In 2009, she completed her Master’s in Music from Rajasthan University. From 2003-2007, she used to play hockey and was also a state-level player. However, she had to leave the sport because of a leg injury. Also, in 2016, she participated in F1 car racing.


How She Gained Success

She became popular, and her talent greatly appreciated as she began doing Bharat Ki Shaan Shahido Ke Naam live concerts. Tut Jaana, Titli, Keshavam, Alvida, and Achyutam are some popular tracks of her that got great recognition. It is no doubt that she is creating a buzz in the Indian music industry with her melodious voice.

She has also performed with popular singers like Anup Jalota and Udit Narayan. Her keen dedication and willpower was the reason behind her success.

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Voice Sensation of Rajasthan- Megha Bhardwaj

Megha Bhardwaj is a playback singer and songwriter. She started performing when she was very young, and in 2008, she made it to the finals of Indian Idol 4. In 2006, she was awarded the Rajasthan Golden Voice Award.

On December 18, 1990, Megha Bhardwaj was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Her mother, Mrs Usha Gour, works as a homemaker, while her father, Mr Dinesh Chandra Sharma, is a government physician.

Megha Bhardwaj has attended several schools in Jaipur, including Mother Memorial and Adarsh Vidyamandir (AVM). In 2006, she graduated from the Maharaja College of Fine Arts and Music. And in 2009, she graduated with her master’s degree in music from Rajasthan University.

Uncovering her talent

Her story started when she began reciting poems in Aakash Vani at six. Later, when she was 8 years old, she used to perform the 10-minute Vande Mataram at Bharat Vikas Parishad. Soon after, she began singing bhajans when she was just 11 years old. From 15 to 16, she began singing film songs and choruses, which was when her real career began.

Rise to success

Rahein na Rahein Hum was the first song she sang with her soulful voice in honour of the late Lata Mangeshkar Ji, is a sentimental veil of emotions. The song has received over one lakh views and is highly praised. Additionally, she has performed renditions of some of Bollywood’s most well-known songs, like Chitta, Dil ko Karaar Aaya, Jaan Nisar, and Maine Dil Se Kaha, showcasing her flawless range and artistic passion.

Apart from her work on movie soundtracks, her brilliant vocals and impressive filmography are showcased by two moving religious songs, Shiv Kailasho ke Vasi and Achyutam Keshavam.

Megha Bhardwaj’s most popularly applauded musical industry songs, Raatan Lambiyan (Shershaah), Jab Saiyaan, and Meri Jaan (Gangubai kathiawadi), have amassed over six lakh views combined.

She has produced covers of Jiyein Kyun (unplugged), Piya tose naina laage re in partnership with Shomu Seal, solely mood-lifters and ear-soothing aids. Furthermore, Megha Bhardwaj added a dash of originality to these upbeat songs, which is why Chaand Baliyaan and Kaun Hoyega have taken Instagram by storm.

Experience the music!

She sees music as her calling and her soul’s fulfilment. She is an authentic hustler who regards music as the source of all life. She is on a mission to have her voice recognised in every musical establishment, home, and stage.

Watch Megha Bhardwaj’s captivating charm on YouTube, where she has more than 2,894,767 views, and listen to her songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, or anywhere else you go for music!

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The upcoming bundle of talent – Megha Bhardwaj

Music has the power to heal our bodies and minds. Moreover, listening to soulful music is equivalent to therapy of its own. Further, the beautiful and soulful voice of Megha Bhardwaj is a true example of soulful music. Furthermore, it will definitely make you sway your way off your feet and take you to a world of magic.

Megha Bhardwaj is an Indian playback singer and songwriter hailing from Jaipur who began performing on stage at a very early age. Initially, she began reciting poems in Akashvani.

Further, her passion for music made her opt for education in music. In 2006, Megha graduated in fine arts (Music).  Moreover, her stunning voice gained recognition by being awarded the title of Golden voice of Rajasthan. She completed her master’s in performing arts (Music) in 2009 from the University of Rajasthan.

Megha’s career gained more prominence when she became one of the Indian Idol finalists. Further, she began performing with renowned singers like Udit Narayan and Anup Jalota and doing live shows like Bharat ki Shaan Shahido ka Naam.

Apart from Music, she was a state hockey player from 2003-07 and was also part of RSS. Megha also is a trained formula 1 car racer. She returned to the music industry after a short gap by singing bhajans, a few originals, and some cover songs. She has also sung devotional songs like Shiv Kailaso ki Vasi and Achyutam Keshavam. Later, Megha’s career in Music began when she started to sing film songs and chorus when she was 15 or 16.

Combining classical voice with contemporary music helped Megha to establish herself in the music industry of India and in Bollywood. Her originals include Alvida and Tut Jaana. Moreover, cover versions for songs like Kaun hoyega, Meri Jaan, Rattan Lamiyan, Dil Ko Karar aaya, and more are also some of the vocal magic of Megha Bhardwaj.

Some of Megha’s note-worthy cover songs include a tribute to the late legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar Rahein na Rahein hum and Jaan Nissar from the movie Kedarnath. Jiyein Kyun is her latest work.

Megha Bhardwaj has not restricted her playback singing to only Bollywood songs and bhajans. But she has also explored the genres of RnB, Neo soul, Pop, EDM, and Jazz. Apart from working with renowned music directors and brands. Megha has also lent her voice to jingles, advertisements, and voiceovers.

So, with a career spanning more than a decade, Megha Bhardwaj has had a remarkable journey in the Indian Music Industry. Further, she continues to do so and inspires people to opt for singing and healing their bodies and souls by listening to her soulful music.

Moreover, with her magical voice, she has helped many of us forget the real world around us and travel to a whole new metaverse.

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Combining the classical voice with contemporary music, Megha Bhardwaj created a buzz in the music industry

Almost every recording artist secretly harbours the same dream: to rise to the status of an industry star while also changing the face of music, regardless of how they got into music or what genre they belong to. Few artists will accomplish all of these things, even though there are thousands of creative and successful artists in existence. Most will have one or two hits, and many will likely release a run of hit albums, but very few will completely alter the landscape of popular music or open up new avenues for imitators. However, a few contemporary musicians have undoubtedly done that, like Megha Bhardwaj, an Indian playback singer and songwriter.

A female musician with a clear view of success and hope!

Her melodious voice will put you in a parallel universe of fantasy. She started performing at a young age and finished fourth on Indian Idol in 2008. In 2006, she received the Rajasthan Golden Voice Award. Her top track songs include  Titli, Achyutam Keshavam, Tut Jaana, Alvida, and many more are tremendously loved by audiences. One can search these popular songs on music platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, apple music, etc. This talented artist showed musical and vocal propensities as early as age 6. She then began to recite poems in Akashvani and sing Vande Mataram, a 10-minute-long vande mataram, for Bharat Vikas Parishad.


When she started doing Bharat ki Shaan Shahido Ke Naam live concerts, her career gained notoriety. Along with well-known singers like Udit Narayan and Anup Jalota, she has also performed live. Because of the intense rivalry in the music industry, it was difficult for her to reach this level of notoriety in her life. But with her constant determination and willpower, she achieved this level. She is the nation’s youngest singer and is swiftly moving up the success ladder by creating melodies that are memorable and worth listening to repeatedly. As a tribute to the late renowned vocalist Lata Mangeshkar Ji, she has performed numerous notable cover songs, including Rahe Na Rahein Hum, Jaan Nisaar from the film Kedarnath, and her most recent piece, Jiyein kyun.

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The Bundle of talent, the upcoming youngest Singer Ms Megha Bhardwaj

Megha’s Childhood:Megha Bhardwaj

Megha Bhardwaj is an upcoming talent as a Bollywood Playback singer and accomplished songwriter. She started her musical journey at a young age when she was barely six years old. She took an inclination towards reciting poems aired by Akash Vani! Then, when she was 11 years old, she started singing Bhajans and Devotional songs, followed by Bollywood chartbusters and chorus singing. The next move was competing in Indian Idol season 4 in 2008. She was just 18 years old but was among the top ten finalist contestants!

She belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan, otherwise known as the Pink City. She was ably supported by her parents, noting that she is very talented and music is her forte. Her dad, Mr Dinesh Chandra Sharma, is a Govt. The doctor supported her throughout her musical journey, along with her mother.

Musical Academics:

She joined Adarsh Vidyamandir AVM) in Jaipur. She went on to study Fine Arts Music at Maharaja College in 2006. The same year, she won the ‘Honor of Golden Voice of Rajasthan! Furthermore, she completed a Master’s in Music from Rajasthan University in 2009. Her mother, Mrs Usha Gaur, was a pillar of strength in her musical journey. She combined her mellifluous classical voice with Bollywood and contemporary music and came out with flying colours.

Professional Singing Indian Film Industry:

There was no looking back to this Bundle of talent because of her melodic songs, and the fans and listeners went gaga over her songs! She started singing cover versions to showcase her voice, namely’Raatan Lambiyan’, and also ventured into YouTube by uploading her latest numbers on her official channel. The songs have become hit songs, and her followers are lapping them up regularly.


Recently, she got due recognition by winning the Jaipur Shiromani Award. The award was bestowed on her by Mr Ashok Lahoti in Mumbai! Her latest cover song in the hit movie by renowned Director ‘Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “ Gangubai Kathiawadi” became a big hit! She lent her voice to hit the number ‘Meri Jaan’. She has also shared the stage with famous singers like Udit Narayan and Anup Jalota and proved her mettle! Her innumerable cover versions are trendy.

As she is very confident in her talent and blessed with a melodious voice, she has a great future in playback singing. Now, Bollywood Industry has taken notice of her prowess. In the coming days, she will be signed by big-time Indian film industry producers.

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