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Who runs the world?—Girls!

The sensational voice in the world of the musical la la land, Megha Bhardwaj, is a Jaipur based Indian playback singer and Songwriter. Her album cover might give the impression that She is on an amazing streak. Well! There is no doubt about that.

All that Jazz with Megha Bhardwaj

A versatile and prolific singer, Megha Bhardwaj started performing very early and has never looked back since then. As the actress, Ms Sonali Bendre quoted: “An extrovert and bubbly personality”, Megha Bhardwaj was an iconic performer in season 4 of Indian Idol in 2008. She made a mark and shone brightly among the top finalists.

Let the music speak

In the words of Singer Kailash Kher, “she has a splendidly unique voice”. It is no surprise that she was awarded the Golden voice of Rajasthan in 2006, as it is hard to resist the gauzy veil of tranquillity that surrounds her. Not only has she given soulful covers in her voice for top hit busters in various ranges but have written multiple melodies. Her voice is one-of-a-kind, and she marks one of the most loved contemporaries on Youtube. Her charm is not limited to exceptionally beautiful covers, and she has mesmerized globally with varied Event performances. She personifies the music herself and has been awarded the ‘Jaipur Shiromani Award’ for her brilliant musical talent and unprecedented keen knowledge. The essence and excellence of her work constitute holistic musical proficiency. There is not a single composition that can’t be found in her heartfelt voice. She believes in leaving an unparalleled impression on her musical journey.

Hear it. See it & Live it.

Watch the enthralling aura of Megha Bhardwaj on Youtube, where she has crossed more than 2,894,767 views or stream her melodies on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud or wherever you step into the musical world.